Incase you want to reach out to the student community in India, OpportunityCell is a perfect fit for it both in terms of reach and pricing.


  • Monthly Pageviews: 6,13,739
  • Unique Visitors per month: 1,42,353


  • Our webpage currently reaches a global audience from over 10 countries, majorly from India.
  • OpportunityCell has Campus Partners in more than 300+ Schools and Colleges and OC Clubs in 124 Colleges across India.


  • Facebook Page: 1,700+
  • Email Subscribers: 36,000+
  • LinkedIn Followers: 7600+
  • Instagram Followers: 4300+
  • WhatsApp Groups:12,000+
  • Telegram:1,100+



  • 18-34             68.65%
  • 35-54             15.77%
  • 55-above        15.57%


  • Female            61.83%
  • Male                38.17%


OC Marketing and Promotion Rates

Do you have an opportunity or product that you want more people to know about? We can help you promote it to reach the right audience. Please find below, the ways you can promote with us and increase your visibility:

  • A – Advertorial Post and social media promotion:
  • B – Banner only
  • C – Newsletter only
  • D – Complete Package: Banner, Advertorial, Social Media Buzz and Newsletter (Recommended):
  • E – Paid Guest Posts (for topics relevant to OC audience only)


  • We guarantee maximum success and increased visibility.

All pricing and discount requests should be made to [email protected]. You will hear back from us within 24 hours.