In case you want to reach out to the student community in India (both school and college students), Opportunity Cell is the perfect fit. We are among the Top 1000 India’s Most popular website (according to the industry-standard, Alexa).

Traffic Details (As per May 2022)

  • Page Views: 32.4 lakhs/month
  • Unique visitors: 12.1 lakh/month
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  • Facebook Page: 3000+
  • Email Subscribers: 85,000+
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Types of Advertisements

  • Sponsored post (for events, opportunities, jobs, college admissions etc.)
  • Pop-up banner
  • Top of post banner
  • End of post banner
  • Top banner
  • Side banner
  • Sticky post

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In case you are interested, please email us at [email protected] or call at +91 7878759482.

Note: The above rates are subject to change depending on the type of opportunity.