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Our Statistics

Summary of the Statistics

PlatformAudience Size
Total Page Views53 Lakhs/monthly
Unique visitors17.84 Lakhs/monthly
WhatsApp Subscribers 4.47 Lakhs over 750+ groups
LinkedIn Followers1.80 Lakhs
Telegram Subscribers1.23 Lakhs
Email Newsletter Subscribers92,300
Instagram Followers58,300
Push notification Subscribers1.7 Lakhs

Detailed Statistics

Telegram Community [Get Top 10 daily opportunities from all fields]

Community NameCommunity SizeLink to Join
Opportunity Cell 1,23,100CLICK HERE

WhatsApp Group’s [Get Top 7 daily opportunity updates of your field]

WhatsApp Group NamesCommunity SizeLink to Join
Internship Opportunities1,75,000+CLICK HERE
Job Opportunities1,15,000+ CLICK HERE
Social Sc. Opportunities35,000+ CLICK HERE
Management Opportunities15,000+CLICK HERE
Science Opportunities5,000+CLICK HERE
Engineering Opportunities35,000+CLICK HERE
School Opportunities2,500+CLICK HERE
Admission Opportunities5,000+ CLICK HERE
Scholarship Opportunities15,000+CLICK HERE
Online Courses30,000+CLICK HERE
Legal Opportunities15,000+CLICK HERE

WhatsApp Channel’s [Get Internal Hiring Updates]

WhatsApp Channel NamesCommunity SizeLink to Join
Internship Opportunities1800+CLICK HERE
Job Opportunities1300+ CLICK HERE
Social Sc. Opportunities560+ CLICK HERE
Management Opportunities836+CLICK HERE
Science Opportunities300+CLICK HERE
Engineering Opportunities570+CLICK HERE
School Opportunities200+CLICK HERE
Admission Opportunities236+ CLICK HERE
Scholarship Opportunities800+CLICK HERE
Online Courses1050+CLICK HERE
Legal Opportunities325+CLICK HERE
Career Resources6000+CLICK HERE

LinkedIn Profile [ Hirings, Career Tips & Resources ]

LinkedIn ProfileCommunity SizeLink to Join
Opportunity Cell1,80,000+CLICK HERE
Subhasish S.55,000+CLICK HERE
Sheenu S.9,500+CLICK HERE

Instagram Profile

Instagram ProfileCommunity SizeLink to Join
Opportunity Cell58,500+CLICK HERE

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We guarantee “Lowest Price, Maximum Success , Increased Visibility and Guaranteed Results”.