We are looking for a young member to conduct physical surveys for our project on Insitu Sanitation Solutions along the Buckingham Canal in South Chennai.

About the Organisation:

Centre for Urbanism, is a young urban development organization, set up as a non-profit in August 2020. We are currently working on a project in conceiving Insitu-sanitation solutions for poor-income households along the Buckingham Canal in South Chennai.

About the Role:

We are looking for candidates who can conduct on-ground surveys and mapping exercises in the households along the Canal in Perungudi, Thoraipakkam, Neelankarai areas. The surveys are intended to understand usage, ownership, and future aspirations for the canal in general and sanitation improvements in specific.

  • Job Title: Junior Researcher/ Designer
  • Job Tenure: 10-15 Days in a 1 Month Span/ Full or Part-Time
  • Remuneration: 10000 to 15000 INR
  • Location: Palavakam & Neelankarai, Chennai


  • Conducting on-ground surveys with residents
  • Compiling data collected on the ground
  • Mapping residential layouts and sanitation inflows into the canal
  • On-site photographs and videos for reference

Skills & Requirements:

  • Fluency in Tamil and English
  • Good communication skills
  • MS Word, MS Excel
  • Simple drawing/sketching abilities
  • Note 1: Weekend surveys are required than weekday surveys- considering resident availability in the vicinity is higher on weekends.
  • Note 2: Ideally not more than 5-6 survey responses shall be collected in a day. Splitting the number of surveys for a few hours on the ground and over multiple days, will make it easier for the researcher considering the need to be masked during the prevailing time.

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How to Apply