USNPSS is looking for training consultants (short-long term) to conduct life skills and/or vocational training for adolescent girls. This is a great opportunity to help girls participate and benefit equally and meaningfully in society.

About the Organisation

Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (Uttarakhand Environmental Education Centre or USNPSS) has been working for over three decades among the rural communities of Uttarakhand’s Mountain areas, primarily in the field of education, environment, livelihoods and gender. Our long-term engagement with communities, particularly women and children, has enabled a participatory way of making and implementing decisions about what is best for them, their villages and environment. 

Over time, there has been a change in the outlook of the rural youth, especially girls, who now aspire for urban living or some non-farm work in the village itself which is, however, difficult to meet in the mountains. As a result, there are either locally unemployed, idle rural youth or a move away from the villages to the cities/towns for jobs. Climate change and man-animal conflict issues have aggravated the problems. There is thus, a perceived need for building greater resilience into the mountain economy and lifestyles. 

About the Opportunity

The training consultancy would be for short duration or long periods (this depends on the background – skill set and availability of the trainer, and USNPSS is open to both part-time and full-time consultants). The trainer will be expected to plan, implement and manage training sessions for adolescent girls (16-25 years) on life skills and/or vocational (stitching, knitting, or beautician) skills that focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and learning through utilizing ICT tools (given the local context and resources available). The consultants would come up with innovative, interlinked approaches on the interventions needed to help the female adolescent population in the mountain communities (rural and urban) survive the impact of changes taking place and thrive in the emerging circumstances. 

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The trainers would have: 

  1. a. expertise, deep interest , understanding on life skill development in adolescent girls and/or 
  2. b. expertise in stitching and knitting, and/or 
  3. c. expertise in professional level beauty and makeup skills 
  4. d. some years of relevant ground experience in training and conducting workshops (on the specific skill) 
  5. e. creative, multi-disciplinary thinking applied to local issues 
  6. f. good written and verbal communication, in Hindi 
  7. g. ability to work well in a team and with villagers 
  8. h. physically fit to walk and trek in the mountains 


  • The consultants would be required to be in Almora to conduct the trainings which would involve making visits to villages. 

How to Apply

  • Interested trainers should include their CV, and write a page on why they are attracted to the consultancy position and what approach they would adopt.
  • They should also indicate the consultancy fee they expect for their services and the time that they can spend in Almora. We will provide local hospitality. 
  • CLICK HERE, for the Official Notification.
  • Applications should be sent to [email protected] 

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