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Harvard University is offering a range of free online courses covering topics from computer science to business, arts, and more. With world-renowned faculty and cutting-edge curriculum, this is your chance to learn from the best. Don’t wait – enroll now and unlock your potential!

These courses will teach you everything about: Business, Public Policy, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Career, and Communication.

  1. Negotiating Salary: Enroll Now
  2. Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies: Enroll Now
  3. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Enroll Now
  4. CS50: Introduction to Computer Science: Enroll Now
  5. CS50’s Introduction to Programming with Scratch: Enroll Now
  6. Systematic Approaches to Policy Design by Harvard Kennedy School: Enroll Now
  7. Pricing Strategy : Enroll Now
  8. Identifying Competitive Risk: Enroll Now
  9. Designing Organizational Structure: Enroll Now
  10. The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking: Enroll Now
  11. Understanding Customer Needs: Enroll Now
  12. Investing in Private Equity: Enroll Now
  13. Challenges in Higher Education: Enroll Now
  14. 4P Model for Strategic Leadership: Enroll Now
  15. 5 principles for effective communication and how to implement them in your writing: Enroll Now

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