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Research at AIMS is one of our strategic priorities forms a key activity for the development and advancement of math and science across Africa.  Their main objective at AIMS Research is facilitating high quality research that addresses African development challenges by engaging in relevant multi-disciplinary research and through creation of a world class environment that inspires innovation and creativity.

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Women in Climate Change Science Fellowship Program 2021

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Next Einstein Initiative (AIMS-NEI) is pleased to invite interested female scientists to apply for the third round of the AIMS-NEI Fellowships for Women in Climate Change Science (WiCCS).  It seeks to increase women’s participation in, and contribute, to a more sustainable societal response to climate change.

By the end of 2021, 20 fellowships in total would have been awarded to outstanding women working on (i) revealing the triggers of our changing climate; (ii) mapping past, current, and future climate patterns; (iii) increasing our knowledge of the impacts of these climate patterns on humanity and life on earth; (iv) providing recommendations and solutions on how best to adapt, mitigate or increase our resilience to climate change and its associated impacts, etc.


To be eligible, applicants must be:

  • female;
  • in possession before the fellowship start date of a doctorate in a quantitative discipline, including but not limited to applied mathematics, climatology, physics, computational chemistry, statistical ecology, computer science, theoretical biology, and engineering;
  • currently employed, on either a permanent or a temporary basis, in a non-profit work environment, including government;
  • actively engaged in research, policy, and/or practice relevant to climate change modeling, mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience among others; and
  • the lead and/or senior author of at least one refereed publication on a topic relevant to climate change modeling, the causative factors of climate change, climate change mitigation, adaptation, and/or resilience, etc.
  • Applications are invited from outstanding female scientists currently residing anywhere in the world. 


  • The fellowship is worth up to USD 35,000.
  • The exact amount of the fellowship will be specified at the time of the award.
  • This amount will be paid to the Fellow in three installments in accordance with a schedule that will be defined at the time of the award. Fellows must submit accurate banking details.

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