The dream of studying at an international university for free is no longer a mere fantasy. The TU Delft Scholarship in the Netherlands is a testament to this reality. Exceptional students with outstanding academic records should seize this opportunity to study abroad for free. It can mark the beginning of a journey towards significant achievements for those aiming to enroll in world-class institutions for master’s and doctoral degrees. The TU Delft master’s scholarship offers highly qualified students a range of benefits throughout their program. These Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships aim to foster diversity and inclusion by bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds with varied experiences. Furthermore, TU Delft provides students enrolled in its programs with top-notch research and educational facilities.

About Delft University of Technology (TU Delft):

The Delft University of Technology scholarship 2024 is designed to inspire educational excellence in students at a top-tier university, surrounded by a constellation of expertise. Students who have a passion for science, technology, and design are drawn to TU Delft. The university promotes multidisciplinary collaboration among staff from different disciplines through a collaborative approach. It also collaborates with various universities and organizations to fulfill its core mission. Regardless of their disabilities, race, gender, and other discriminations, TU Delft is a home to staff and students alike. It provides a safe and inclusive environment for its members. Through its commitment to diversity and inclusion, the university aims to foster innovation and creativity.

TU Delft Scholarships in the Netherlands are designed to refine the educational and professional paths of students under the guidance of exceptional and top-rated educators. They instill in students the essential skills required to excel in the competitive world, making their positioning valuable in the global community. Moreover, these European scholarships aim to equip aspiring individuals with the ability to analyze global issues critically and develop ideal solutions to address challenges. TU Delft, with its focus on technology, plays a pivotal role in achieving successful outcomes.

Campus Overview:

The campus offers an interactive map of buildings, restaurants, and activity areas. It is considered one of Europe’s leading research and development hubs, boasting a vibrant tech ecosystem. Committed to sustainable development, the campus has implemented a smoking ban and is striving to create a smoke-free generation in the Netherlands. The campus is easily accessible by various means of transportation, including biking, walking, and public transport. It endeavors to transform TU Delft into a talent hub by offering a wide range of high-quality degree programs in various disciplines.

TU Delft Scholarship in the Netherlands 2024:

  • Host Country: Netherlands
  • Host University: Delft University of Technology
  • Degree Program: Master’s Degree Program
  • Degree Duration: 2 years

Benefits of TU Delft Scholarships 2024:

Applicants for TU Delft-funded scholarship programs will receive the following benefits:

  • Full tuition fee coverage.
  • Living expenses allowance.
  • Participation in educational activities.
  • Merit-based scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria of Eiffel TU Delft Scholarship in the Netherlands 2024:

Candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Outstanding academic record.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an international university outside the Netherlands.
  • Cumulative GPA of 80%.
  • Selection is based on merit.

How to Apply for the Eiffel TU Delft Scholarship in the Netherlands 2024:

Application details for the TU Delft Scholarship program are as follows:

  • Submit applications once a year.
  • Incomplete or emailed applications will not be considered.
  • Pay a €100 application fee.
  • If you applied and were admitted in the previous year and wish to reapply, you must submit a new application.
  • For EU/EFTA nationals, upload the language proficiency certificate by July 1. Other documents can be uploaded by April 1.
  • For non-EU/EFTA nationals, upload all required documents to
  • Provide detailed personal information, including name, address, and country.
  • Complete all required fields for each level.
  • Carefully complete your application.
  • English language test exemption for nationals of the UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, or Ireland, or graduates from these countries.

Documents Required for the Netherlands Scholarship 2024:

Applicants must provide the following documents for the TU Delft Scholarship 2024:

  • English language proficiency test certificate (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge Assessment).
  • Completed application form and other relevant documents.
  • Letter of Motivation.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Official Transcripts.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Portfolio, Reference Letters, GRE (if applicable).

Application Deadline:

The application deadline for the Eiffel TU Delft Scholarship Program in the Netherlands is December 1, 2023.

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Embark on your journey to study in the Netherlands with the TU Delft Scholarship. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a world-class education for free.

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