About Khamir

Born out of the rubble of the Earthquake in 2001, Khamir envisioned repositioning and revitalizing the crafts of Kachchh so that they become a sustainable practice for the next generation of artisans. Khamir’s mission is to serve as a platform for the promotion and preservation of traditional handicrafts, allied cultural practices, community and local environments and enable rural creative industries in Kachchh to become profitable. It provides support to deepen the understanding of crafts and its culture. It focuses on conservation of the creative spirit and the traditional wisdom with its vast historical, anthropological, social, environmental, educational and aesthetic dimensions by supporting the unification of ecology, environment, education in craft knowledge ecosystems through holistic practices. By acting as a resource centre through its wide spectrum of activities and interventions in livelihoods, developmental practices, and education, it provides a common roof where artisans and experts with a commitment to craft practice can exchange knowledge, build capacities, offer supportive services, conduct advocacy on a socio-cultural and policy level and conserve natural and cultural heritage. Through its craft studio, it promotes research, experiential learning and cultural engagement by connecting artisans with a varied group of people such as designers, educators, craft enthusiasts/seekers, professionals and organizations.

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About Craft Curriculum Project

Kachchh district of Gujarat is a hub of crafts with over 75% villages associated with over 13 different crafts practiced across more than120 thriving interdependent craft habitats. Despite the rich indigenous knowledge systems, the modern schooling systems in the region continue to exclude craft ecosystems, an immediate context of thousands of students across various rural and urban regions. Amidst the existing systemic challenges such as rote learning and a high student-teacher ratio, crafts are positioned as a genderexclusive extra-curricular activity that fail to explore its scientific, cultural, ecological and livelihood inter-connectedness. The Craft Curriculum Project, an initiative undertaken by Khamir aims to reposition handicrafts in modern educational systems of Kachchh through a systemic approach that relooks at primary education through the context of craft. To make teaching-learning spaces more inclusive and experiential, it intends to develop a craft-based curriculum and pedagogy through a multistakeholder participative approach that contextualises various primary subjects including maths, science, social science and language learning outcomes prescribed by the National Council of Educational Research and Training with those of the craft ecosystems to the use of the craftcurriculum/pedagogy implemented in rural schools of Kachchh.

About the Positions

  • Openings Available: Project Coordinator
  • Location: Bhuj in Kachchh, Gujarat
  • All positions are full-time on-field roles and will require relocation to Bhuj (Kachchh) for non-residents.
  • They will also involve traveling and working in rural setups. This is non-negotiable and only willing persons are encouraged to apply.
  • All roles will have a probation period of 6 months from the date of joining.

Required Qualifications and Skills

Applicants from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

  • Passionate to work on alternative education approaches and engaging with children
  • Interest in working with diverse ethnic craft communities and development sector
  • Ability to work alongside diverse staff members

Required Qualifications and Skills

  • Post Graduation in Education (or related fields) with minimum 1 year experience or minimum 2 Years of work experience after bachelors, in fields of education development such as curriculum development / child-centric content development / Indian government schools / alternative education setups, etc
  • Ability to synthesise knowledge from different sources, build interlinkages and apply it in the project
  • Interest in facilitation
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Fluency in speaking, reading and writing in English. Preferably fluent in speaking and reading in Gujarati
  • Working knowledge of Design Thinking and Systems Thinking frameworks
  • Basic documentation skills (content writing and photo/videography sensibilities)
  • Basic designing skills (Working knowledge of tools such as Canva, Video Editor, etc)
  • Project Management skills
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office Tools, Google Workspace, video conferencing tools, etc

Role and Responsibilities

This is an open ended and multifunctional role that will be inclusive of but not limited to-

  • Operations
    • Immersing in the process of developing a craft curriculum including conducting documentation on craft knowledge systems, finding correlations with modern knowledge systems through participatory approaches
    • Immersing in the school education ecosystem- Engaging with partner school/s on a regular basis to understand and engage more closely with teaching/ learning practices and the school system.
    • Conducting systems thinking sessions to understand systemic challenges and functioning to analyse the project’s sustainability and viability in a school ecosystem; creating weekly schedules; facilitating various activities with children and teachers; managing the daily affairs of the activities undertaken with the partner school
    • Managing and facilitating activities at Khamir’s education centre ○ Design and develop child-centric content, activities, and teaching-learning materials and resources corresponding to the curriculum with a conjunction of the education team, artisans and subject teachers
    • Support in mobilising stakeholders- SMCs, Panchayats, parents, Govt bodies including DIET, etc towards institutionalizing and scaling the Project to more schools
    • Supporting Khamir’s other education projects including craft based e-courses and workshops
  • Communications
    • Making interactive presentations, writing and editing reports, articles and other documents in English.
    • Coordinate with the team to hold regular team meetings
    • Make social media posts with the team as and when required


  • Based on the skill sets and experience of the candidate, remuneration will be offered between Rs. 25,000 – 30,000 per month CTC


  • We invest in people and spend a considerable amount of time developing capacity to ensure you are ready to execute your role. Hence, we are looking for candidates with a minimum commitment of 3 years towards the project.

Selection Process

  • Email us a cover letter stating your interest and why you are suitable for the role named as “FullName_Position_Education_CL” along with your C.V. named as “FullName_Position_Education_CV” at [email protected] in pdf format.
  • The C.V must include contact details of 2 references

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