About the Opportunity

  • Position: Procurement Area Officer, Farmer Producer Enterprise
  • Location: Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh
  • Language Skills: Fluency in Hindi and English.
  • Position Level: District/Block Level
  • Salary Range: INR 18,000 to 25,000

At FDRVC, we are on the lookout for a dedicated Procurement Area Officer (PAO) to join our team for this exciting Producer Enterprise role. As the Technical Support Agency, we are committed to finding the right candidate who can excel in managing agricultural commodity procurement infrastructure, drive procurement volume achievements, and support aggregation activities for the PE.


  • Collaborate closely with the Procurement Manager to facilitate procurement and aggregation of diverse commodities.
  • Maintain and update procurement reports, records, and price lists within the designated operational area.
  • Support the Procurement Manager and establish effective market linkages while coordinating with vendors and dedicated support at the Collection Center.
  • Manage procurement operations, including weighment, quality testing, and logistics in the operational area.
  • Ensure the quality and quantity of commodities during the procurement process.
  • Oversee day-to-day operations at collection centers.
  • Handle logistics and transportation at cluster and block levels.
  • Assist in designing crop calendars and building the capacity of members.
  • Ensure procurement adheres to established SOPs.
  • Manage transportation of procured commodities to central warehouse/processing center.
  • Address discrepancies in quality/quantity between procurement center and central warehouse.
  • Collaborate with the team to provide agricultural extension services to company members.
  • Engage in shareholder farmer mobilization and regular interactions.
  • Organize and conduct training programs for Sanchalak, members, and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate best practices through on-field demonstrations.
  • Play a pivotal role in catalyzing procurement efforts.

Qualifications Required:

  • Preferably, agriculture graduates (B.Sc. Agri).


  • Candidates with 1-2 years of rural area experience working with farmers will be given preference.
  • Encouraging candidates with backgrounds in agri-input industry, rural FMCG industry, or rural-facing business industries that involve farmer interaction.
  • Candidates with experience in Agri-commodity procurement will be favored.

How to Apply?

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