Prerana Vidyalaya is seeking applications from eligible candidates for its two-month Prerana Teaching Fellowship.

About Prerana Vidyalaya

Prerana Vidyalaya located on a 44-acre scenic and peaceful campus in Village Kathiya (Chhattisgarh) began in March 2017 by people inspired by the co-existential philosophy of Madhyasth Darshan (Propounded by Late Shri A Nagraj Ji).

This school is an initiative toward the humanization of education. Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahar, Churu, and Rajasthan have played a pioneering role in helping transform this initiative into reality.

This school is a Higher Secondary English Medium School affiliated with the Chhattisgarh Board. The primary responsibility for the functioning of Prerana Vidyalaya is shouldered by the families of Manav Teerth – a center for the study and practice of Madhyasth Darshan.

The school focuses on the holistic development of its children and aims for excellence in all fields. Our team has qualified, competent and highly motivated individuals. The school endeavors to shape its teaching to impart values along with academic excellence.

About Manav Teerth

Manav Teerth is located 3.5 km from the school in Village Kiritpur. It is nearly a 100-acre campus, with 7 families and 20 graduate/post-graduate students and 40 school hostel students living on campus. This campus runs a 3-year residential program for youth to study and practice Madhyasth Darshan. The Vidyalaya’s hostel is also located in and run by Manav Teerth residents.

About the Fellowship

Prerana Teaching Fellowship is a minimum 2-month fellowship to assist Prerana Vidyalaya in all its activities. One of the main aims would be to help students speak in English and also build a strong online presence of the Vidyalaya.  

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2 months (minimum). One can join anytime starting June 2022.

Nature of Work & Responsibilities

  • In School: Help with all the school-related activities (scholastic and non-scholastic) especially, teaching the English language. Also, help with strengthening the school’s social media presence.
  • At Manav Teerth: Participate in its daily activities such as shram (physical work in the gaushala/vegetable farming/kitchen, etc), exercise, and maintaining the campus culture.

Benefit to the Fellows

  • Experience living a self-regulated routine in the midst of nature with like-minded young individuals and families.
  • Learn to live with a diverse group of people, multi-task, become physically fit, build a broad vision of education, and learn simple yet effective learning techniques.


  • Fluency in English
  • Good with technical skills and social media
  • Open-minded, self-motivated, and willing to learn

Boarding, Lodging, Stipend

  • Fellows will reside at Manav Teerth.
  • Their boarding and lodging will be taken care of by the Vidyalaya.
  • The fellow will also be offered a monthly stipend.


  • Families at Manav Teerth and the Teaching Faculty of Prerana Vidyalaya will guide the fellows through their tenure here.
  • Manav Teerth residents are from across India with expertise in education, filmmaking, farming, dairy farming, Ayurved and health, tailoring, cooking, etc.

Application Deadline

We are looking for 1 or 2 volunteers to join us as soon as possible.

Selection Process

  1. Fill up the form given at the end of this post.
  2. Step 2 – Telephonic Interview 1: Shortlisted applicants will be given a call within 7 days
  3. Step 3 – Interview 2: Further shortlisted candidates will have a final interview call with members of Prerana Vidyalaya and Manav Teerth

Contact Information

  • For any further queries, you can call on this number: +91 91317 52661, +91 98110 50116

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