Moris Media is thrilled to offer an exceptional opportunity for a PR & Business Development Intern to become an integral part of our dynamic PR and Marketing Department. This internship is thoughtfully designed to provide recent MBA/Graduates with a bridge between theoretical knowledge and the practical applications of the industry. As an intern at Moris Media, you’ll have the chance to cultivate vital skills, gain invaluable insights into the industry, and immerse yourself in the world of PR and Digital Marketing.

Pathway to Professional Growth:

Outstanding candidates who successfully complete this internship may also be considered for employment opportunities within our company. This career progression not only nurtures your personal development but also empowers you to contribute meaningfully to our organization. If you envision launching your career by understanding the digital landscape and mastering the art of serving diverse industries, an internship with us is the perfect avenue to pursue.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Crafting and Editing: Assist in creating and refining press releases, articles, and other PR materials.
  • Research and Analysis: Conduct thorough research on industry trends, competitors, and target audiences.
  • Campaign Development: Support the formulation of PR campaigns and growth strategies.
  • Ideation and Collaboration: Collaborate with the team to generate innovative ideas for client projects.
  • Media Relations: Contribute to maintaining media relations and engagement efforts.
  • Reporting and Presentation: Assist in preparing reports and presentations for clients and internal use.
  • Business Development: Participate in brainstorming sessions for business development initiatives.
  • Client Identification: Help identify potential clients and partnership opportunities.
  • Event Coordination: Support in organizing and coordinating meetings, events, and webinars.
  • Social Media Management: Contribute to the creation and management of engaging social media content.


  • Education: Recent MBA Graduate or pursuing an MBA degree in a related field.
  • Technical Requirements: Access to a laptop/desktop with upgraded configurations, along with a high-speed internet connection for seamless remote work.
  • Key Skills: Strong discipline, punctuality, and exceptional time management skills.
  • Learning Attitude: Display excellent learning capabilities and a willingness to adapt and grow.
  • Passion: Exhibit enthusiasm for the internship program and a genuine desire to learn and contribute.
  • Interest: Show a keen interest in the fields of PR, business development, and Digital Marketing.

How to Apply?

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