Discover Yonsei University and Coursera’s free Korean language course, open to learners worldwide. Enhance your skills with this elementary-level course and explore various modules, including greetings, family, time, and daily life. Enroll now for this self-paced opportunity and receive a shareable certificate upon completion.


Looking to learn a new language? Why not choose Korean? Yonsei University, in collaboration with Coursera, offers a fantastic opportunity to learn Korean for free. This elementary-level course comprises five lessons that cover reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. Join learners from all around the world in this enriching experience and explore the expressions used in daily life dialogue, greetings, introductions, basic conversations, and more. Upon completion, you will be able to read and write the Korean alphabet, communicate in Korean with basic expressions, and gain insights into Korean culture. With approximately 18 hours of content, this online Korean language course awaits eager learners like you.

Course Overview:

Explore diverse modules designed to help you learn the Korean language effectively:

  • 1st Week: Introduction – Dive into the Korean writing system, ‘Hangeul,’ and master Korean letters through guided lessons and graded assignments.
  • 2nd Week: Greetings and Introducing – Learn how to greet someone, inquire about nationality and occupation, and introduce yourself confidently.
  • 3rd Week: Family and Numbers – Discover expressions related to family members and acquire skills to count numbers in Korean.
  • 4th Week: Time and Date – Master time, date, and weekdays in Korean, enabling you to engage in time-related conversations.
  • 5th Week: Daily Life – Expand your vocabulary with everyday Korean words and gain the ability to use informal sentence endings.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must have access to the internet.
  • Strong willingness to learn the Korean language.
  • Open to learners worldwide, regardless of background or nationality.
  • No prior knowledge required; this course is ideal for beginners.

Benefits of the Free Online Korean Course:

  • Self-paced learning with flexible deadlines to suit your schedule.
  • Acquire essential language skills, cultural insights, and the ability to communicate in Korean.
  • Option to receive a free certificate through financial aid application.

Application Process:

  • CLICK HERE TO Register for the free Korean language course.
  • Access the course content and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • If interested in a free certificate, apply for financial aid by providing the requested information.
  • Upon approval, enjoy free access to the course and earn a shareable certificate.
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Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to learn Korean, a language with increasing global importance. Whether you’re considering studying or working in South Korea, this course will prove invaluable. Take the first step towards Korean language proficiency and enroll now!