About Netflix

Netflix’s India team – responsible for great television series like Sacred Games, Delhi Crime, Lust Stories and more – is seeking an experienced Analyst who will provide support to the Business & Legal Affairs team based in Mumbai.

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The successful candidate will have prior experience in a business affairs and/or legal setting, will be highly-organized, self-motivated, quick-thinking, flexible, and able to juggle multiple responsibilities on a large portfolio of productions with an unwavering attention to detail. This is a challenging and fast-paced role that requires curiosity and significant initiative.

The Role:

The role will support the Business & Legal Affairs team internally, whilst also being a key point of support for external partners if needed. The candidate will have broad responsibility for managing and disseminating a high volume of contracts, and managing the knowledge and work of the business & legal affairs team, relating to content production and acquisition in India.
This role will require significant amounts of collaborative working, an affinity for contract and knowledge management, implementing data-driven systems, and a strong organized mentality. Legal skills would be positively valued.

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective understanding of legal documents to source, update and manage internal trackers and databases.
  • Management and administration of contracts throughout their lifecycle, from template to execution.
  • Project management on multiple productions to ensure timely and accurate delivery of legal assets.
  • Proactively learning about new innovation efforts and updating cross-functional partners on the latest product features, tests, and initiatives.
  • Liaise between business & legal affairs and internal studio engineering teams to develop improvements in studio tools.
  • Reviewing legal documents in relation to the productions, analyzing internal trends, and determining a path for better archiving and analysis of information.
  • Track and manage business & legal affairs needs throughout production lifecycle, keep business & legal affairs execs and stakeholders apprised of project status.
  • Increasing team operational efficiency.
  • Maintaining flexibility and openness to take on additional projects as necessary.


  • At least 3 years of work experience in a fast-paced, dynamic industry
  • Legal or paralegal knowledge positively valued.
  • Prior experience with contract management, project administration, and/or legal delivery
  • High level of organization, detail orientation and ability to time-manage across multiple deadlines; proven track record of improving team operating efficiency
  • Ability to supervise several projects in different stages of production (from development through delivery)

How to Apply

  • Interested Candidates can apply from the Netflix website by clicking here

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