About the Organisation:

Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California. It is one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturers by revenue.

About the Opportunity:

Processor Architecture Research (PAR) Lab at Intel Labs leads corporate-wide research into futuristic processor architectures.

The Lab is offering Research Internships in :

  • 1) extreme CPU microarchitectures across topics such as mitigating front-end bottlenecks, ML-inspired branch/value predictors and code/data prefetchers, advanced cache/heterogeneous memory hierarchies, and hardware-based security
  • 2) Accelerator-based subsystems for Generatitve AI applications and their synergistic integration with CPUs/GPUs and exploiting novel memories
  • 3) co-design across (micro)architecture and system software to enable next-generation compute/memory efficiencies for datacenter and cloud services

Eligibility Criteria:

Technical Expertise (one or more):

  • a) Strong software expertise in C++/Perl/Python and experience in cycle-accurate (micro)architecture simulators and/or system software (compilers, runtimes, OS)
  • b) Expertise in VLSI design and/or accelerator-based (micro)architecture
  • c) Expertise in emerging AI/Cloud workloads characterization and workload-driven architecture

How to Apply:

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