Ghent University Doctoral Scholarships 2024 in Belgium present an incredible opportunity for students to pursue academic excellence abroad. Aimed at individuals from developing countries, this scholarship encourages research careers, providing practical experience within a diverse community of scholars.

The program supports candidates in augmenting their knowledge through engaging in various research activities under the mentorship of world-class researchers. This fully-funded international scholarship program facilitates research in the North for the initial 24 months and in the South for the remaining 24 months.

Why Ghent University?

  • Global Challenges: Addressing complex global challenges in health, water and food, climate change, and environmental issues.
  • Innovative Research: Fostering independent thinking and encouraging high research exploration.
  • Collaborative Environment: Creating a thought-provoking climate for researchers to think critically and contribute compelling analyses.

Scholarship Details:

  • Host Country: Belgium
  • Host University: Ghent University
  • Degree Program: Doctoral Degree Program
  • Duration: 24 months


  • Monthly tuition fee of EURO 310 for the scholarship promoter.
  • EURO 8000 for Ghent University promoters, local promoters, and students, covering operational and traveling costs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must belong to a developing country.
  • A joint proposal must be submitted by a candidate, a Ghent University promoter, and a South University promoter.
  • Research topics should be development-specific.
  • Candidates wishing to pursue a joint PhD degree at Ghent University are encouraged.
  • Female students are preferred for the scholarship.

Required Documents:

  • Advice on the candidate, declaring the supervisor’s opinion regarding the candidate’s capability as a future researcher.
  • Advice on the ethical and biosafety aspects of the proposed research project.

How to Apply:

  • Apply online on the official website.
  • Provide detailed personal information, including name, address, date of birth, and country.
  • Complete all required fields for each level.
  • Submit the application on the website and save it.
  • Additionally, send application forms to [email protected].
  • Application Deadline: February 20, 2024

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