Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, known for its exceptional education in various fields. In recent years, Harvard has also begun offering several online courses, which have gained popularity among students worldwide.

These 15 courses represent a diverse range of subjects and are just a small selection of the courses available through Harvard University’s online learning platform. Whether you are interested in science, the arts, politics, or law, Harvard offers a wealth of educational opportunities that you can pursue online.

Here is a list of 15 top courses offered by Harvard University that you can pursue online:

Course NameEnroll Link
Negotiating Salary CLICK HERE
Public Policy: Social, Economic, and
Foreign Policies
Entrepreneurship in Emerging EconomiesCLICK HERE
CS50: Introduction to Computer ScienceCLICK HERE
CS50’s Introduction to Programming with ScratchCLICK HERE
Systematic Approaches to Policy DesignCLICK HERE
Pricing StrategyCLICK HERE
Identifying Competitive Risk CLICK HERE
Designing Organizational StructureCLICK HERE
The Art of Persuasive Writing and
Public Speaking
Understanding Customer NeedsCLICK HERE
Investing in Private EquityCLICK HERE
Challenges in Higher EducationCLICK HERE
4P Model for Strategic Leadership
Managing HappinessCLICK HERE