Light Up invites applications for Emotions Matter Fellowship 2021. The last date of application submission is 5 September 2021.

About Light Up- EMF

Light Up (Emotions Matter Foundation) is a New Delhi based non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to working towards the upliftment and empowerment of marginalized spaces. Our work is focused in areas like juvenile homes, sex work communities, urban slums and schools with the goal of educating and elevating the populations through social emotional learning (SEL). Our approach combines curriculum development as well as capacity building that involves and trains relevant stakeholders in a community.

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About the Fellowship

Light Up’s (EMF) strength has been its approach in delivering curriculum addressing real life situations and concerns that impact the emotional well-being and mental health of students. We customise our curriculum framework based on each school and community space and therefore, our curriculum continues to evolve.

This internship is an opportunity to be a part of our journey towards the prevention of behavioural challenges often leading to early stage mental health issues. The L & T department curates the organisation’s programs and interventions for students and teachers. Driven by a love for knowledge sharing, this team ideates, researches, and curates Light UP’s programs from the scratch and helps bring them to fruition.

This fellowship aims to provide an opportunity to co-facilitate this process by contributing towards the development of socio-emotional skills and the prevention of behavioural challenges in children from various communities that often lead to the early onset of mental health complications.

Fellowship Details

Applications are open for the following roles:

  • Research Fellow
  • Teaching Fellow
  • Campaign Fellow
  • Outreach Fellow


  • Education:
    • Graduate from a recognised university in Education, Management or Arts
    • Ongoing degree from a recognised university in Education, Management or Arts
  • Skills:
    • Prior experience of working in a community setting with students
    • Creative approach to integrate SEL strategies in a classroom setting in multiple appealing formats
    • Strong communication(reading and writing) skills with fluency in English and Hindi
    • Zeal and enthusiasm to learn and take on new challenges


Research Fellow 

  • SEL Curriculum Development
  • Report/Article Writing
  • Preparing individual case profiles for the students
  • Program Database and documentation
  • Research Work for the Mentors

Teaching Fellow 

  • Deliver our SEL curriculum in different projects
  • Documentation of observation forms and other relevant administrative responsibilities
  • Weekly check-in calls with the students
  • Mapping relevant skill courses for the assigned mentees
  • Managing all student documentation

Campaign Fellow 

  • Handling social media profiles of the students
  • Building original content for social media platforms
  • Mapping opportunities and partnerships for the students
  • Database building and Management
  • Communications With Stakeholders and Beneficiaries for Collaborations

Outreach Fellow 

  • Database Building and Management
  • Social Media Profile Building
  • Mapping and Management of Partnership And Collaborations
  • Communications With Stakeholders and Beneficiaries
  • Engagement Development
  • Database Building and Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Management
  • Research and Content Writing
  • Mapping Opportunities
  • 10 Months


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