The Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India, and Russian Science Foundation (RSF) have concluded a Programme of Cooperation (POC) for funding of Joint Research Proposals in India and Russia in the areas of Basic Science.

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Under this POC, each project will receive annual funding of up to the equivalent of US $100,000 in respective national currencies. DST and RSF invite active Indian and Russian scientists/ researchers to submit proposals for Joint Research Project in the following areas under DST- RSF cooperation:

  1. Smart transport and telecommunications;
  2. Smart healthcare and medicine;
  3. New Materials;
  4. Plant and Animal Bio-Technology;
  5. Clean Energy;
  6. Artificial Intelligence;
  7. Safe Food;

Eligibility Criteria

  • The duration of each project is three years.
  • Project on each side to be implemented by a project team consisting of at least 4 members and maximum up to 10 members and should consist of min 50% of young scientists/ faculty (below 39 years).
  • Indian PIs should be scientists/ faculty members working in a regular capacity in universities, academic institutes, and national research and development laboratories/ institutes.
  • The Indian Principal Investigator (PI) should not be retiring or leaving the parent institute during the proposed duration of the project.
  • Project coordinators on both sides must have published at least 10 research articles in SCI-indexed journals in the last 5 years.
  • It is expected that each supported project would result in at least 10 research publications in SCI-indexed journals.
  • The Indian and Russian team leaders should submit an identical application to the respective nodal agency, upon consultations, using the respective forms prescribed by DST and RSF.
  • Applications submitted by one side only; not in prescribed format and received after the due date will not be accepted. Indian/ Russian team leaders should, therefore, ensure that their counterpart submits an identical
    application on prescribed format as per guidelines of nodal agencies by the due date.
  • The team leader shall be entitled to submit only one application to take part in this competition. There shall be no restriction on the number of projects that one organization may implement.


  • Each project will receive annual funding of up to Rs. 70,00,000 from DST and up to Rbls 70,00,000 from RSF.

Evaluation Criteria

  • All applications received by the notified round closing date will undergo a peer-review process and then be referred to an independent advisory panel for consideration and ranking.
  • DST and RSF will conduct a parallel review of the applications respectively based on the agreed criteria.
  • DST and RSF will make joint decisions based on the review results. DST and RSF may consider inviting Project coordinators for the presentation of the proposed work as part of the review process.

Looking for similar opportunities, join Opportunity Cell on WhatsApp or Telegram here.

How to Apply?

  • Interested candidates can apply online by clicking here.
  • Indian Applicants also requested to send one hard copy to DST (Dr. Sibashisa Dash, Scientist C, DST) by 20th June 2021 through the proper channel.
  • It should be ensured that an application with the identical title has been submitted by his/ her Russian counterpart to RSF by the due date.
  • Proposal not submitted through either ePMS portal or hard copy by the due date will not be considered. DST will not be liable for any postal delay.
  • For Official notification, click HERE