About the Program :

  • SheSpark- Adobe’s Women Returnee Internship program is an initiative of Adobe to help women employees who are on a break for personal reasons and want to join the workforce.
  • The program will help launch you back to your professional aspirations.
  • This is a 6-month internship for experienced candidates returning to the workforce. 
  • This bridge program is designed to empower returning women professionals with industry-first training, holistic guidance, inclusive environment, and opportunities to leapfrog in their careers with high-impact work.

Responsibilities of the Intern:

  • Provide advisory, consulting, and technical implementation services to customers on the Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer
  • Assess customer requirements, pain points, and goals and make recommendations on solution architecture, design, and roadmap
  • Configure Adobe Experience Platform services like Identity Service, Data Storage Layer, Profile dataset, Real-time Customer Profile, etc.
  • Implement data ingestion from various sources like CRM, MPNs, Website data, mobile apps using APIs, Experience Data MModels(XDM), schemas, and mappers
  • Create customer, visitor, and product audiences using segments and AI/ML-powered segments
  • Configure destinations to activate audiences in channels like email, Journey Optimizer, Ad Cloud
    and CRM systems
  • Implement Journey Optimizer features like journey orchestration, triggers, automation, actions, messages, and offers
  • Develop custom applications, workflows, and APIs to extend the platform as per customer needs
  • Continuous tracking of product updates and improving solution recommendations for evolving customer needs

Requirements of the Candidate:

  • Strong SQL skills for querying datasets, implementing data transformations, cleansing data, etc
  • Hands-on experience developing custom applications, workflows, and integrations using Experience Platform APIs
  • Hands-on experience developing using the Platform APIs and SDKs in a language like- JavaScript for API calls and Java for extending functionality with custom connectors or applications
  • Expertise in data modeling multi-channel needs using the Experience Data Model (XDM)
  • Familiarity with configuring IMS authentication to connect external systems to Platform APIs
  • Experience developing, debugging, and optimizing custom server-side applications
  • Proficiency in JavaScript, JSON, REST APIs, and SQL
  • Expertise in ingesting data from sources like Adobe Analytics, CRM, Ad Server, Web and Mobile
  • Strong understanding of concepts like multi-channel data management, segmentation, orchestration, automation, and personalization
  • Understanding of data structures like JSON for representing data in APIs, Data Tables for processing tabular data, and Streaming data flows
  • Experience automating technical tasks using tools like API integration tests, Postman for API testing, Git for source control
  • Excellent documentation and communication skills with the ability to present technical recommendations to customers
  • Experience troubleshooting complex technical issues related to APIs, data ingestion, segments, destinations, etc.
  • Self-starter with the ability to manage resource constraints, changing priorities, and tight deadlines
  • Problem-solving mindset with the ability to constantly improve and optimize deployed solutions

How to Apply?

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