About Bain

Bain & Company is a management consultancy firm. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and was founded in 1973 by William W. Bain Jr.

An insurgent mindset, integrated innovation, and a uniquely collaborative culture make Bain & Company different. The company has worked with 63% of the Global 500. It has 61 offices across 38 countries. 

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About the Program

Bain’s Summer Associate (SA) program lets MBAs or advanced degree candidates experience the real world of consulting while discovering what a future with Bain is like.

Your exciting, intensive summer—often at the global office of your choice—will start with a weeklong, off-site training course, where you’ll learn our core consulting skills. If you meet our performance expectations, you will receive an offer to return full­-time as a consultant upon graduating.

Roles and Responsibilities

After your training, you’ll work directly with case teams and clients to solve business problems and drive change, immersed in the responsibilities of a full-­time Bain consultant. This includes:

  • Working closely with full­-time consultants, who will provide coaching and mentoring
  • Working with clients from Fortune 500 companies, midsize firms, nonprofits and start-­ups across many fast-changing industries like consumer goods and retail, technology and telecommunications, financial services, industrial products, private equity and more
  • Presenting the results of your work to partners and clients
  • Applying knowledge and skills from your first year of business school, and gaining access to an unparalleled range of opportunities

How to Apply

  • CLICK HERE, for Official Notification.
  • To apply, you’ll need to submit the following items, plus any additional requirements for the main office you wish to join:
    • Resume/CV (Word doc or PDF files only)
    • Educational background information
    • Work experience
    • Relevant test scores

Join our WhatsApp and Telegram groups to stay updated with all opportunities!