PROMYS is delighted to offer Mehta Fellowships 2022 for Maths talented students from across India (Age 14-18).

About the Mehta Fellowship

They are seeking mathematically talented students in Standards IX-XII as applicants to the Mehta Fellowships to PROMYS, a challenging summer program in mathematics at Boston University in the United States.

The Mehta Fellowships cover all costs of participation for eligible students in India. PROMYS 2022 aims to run in-person from July 3 to August 13, 2022. 

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PROMYS is the parent program of PROMYS India whose launch has sadly been postponed due to Covid-19. PROMYS has been running at Boston University since 1989.  

Eligibility for a Mehta Fellowship

  • Age 14 to 18 (inclusive) at the start of PROMYS
  • Attend high school/secondary school in India in 9th – 12th grade/standard (or +1, +2, or PUC) when applying and/or be a citizen of India (or OCI card holder). Sixth form college and home-schooled students are also eligible. Students already attending university are not eligible.
  • In need of a scholarship or financial assistance to attend PROMYS
  • Proficient in English – able to participate fully in mathematical discussions held entirely in English
  • The mathematical material at PROMYS is very challenging, and participants are expected to enjoy working intensively in mathematics; students do not need to have taken advanced courses or participated in contests to thrive at PROMYS.

To Apply for a Mehta Fellowship

  • Submit the regular PROMYS application, plus school report card (marks sheet) and solutions to the application problems. Visit the Application page for instructions and links. The application will ask if you are applying for a Mehta Fellowship.
  • Ask a mathematics teacher or mentor to submit the Mehta Teacher Recommendation Form (not the regular Teacher Recommendation Form). Note that PROMYS will not be contacting your teacher. Follow up with your recommender to ensure the form is submitted by March 15, regardless of when you submit your application by the deadline.
  • Ask a parent or guardian to submit the Mehta Financial Form (not the regular Financial Aid Form) by March 15. The form can be submitted separate from your application and will require proof of income to be uploaded.

Application Deadline

  • March 15, 2022


  • Please contact Julia Rolnick at [email protected] with any questions about the Mehta Fellowships or PROMYS India. 

Click here to view the official notification for the PROMYS 2022-Mehta Fellowships.

Join our WhatsApp and Telegram groups to stay updated with all opportunities!