Dynamic internship opportunity with GRAAM, focusing on the development of organization newsletters, annual reports, and 10-year success compendiums. Dive into the heart of GRAAM’s impactful work and contribute to the creation of engaging, visually compelling content that tells the story of success.

Preference will be given to Post-Graduate candidates with a background in development sector/ prior experience in policy communications. This internship offers a unique opportunity to contribute to GRAAM’s impactful communication initiatives and showcase your skills in a meaningful context.

Ready to be part of GRAAM’s storytelling journey? Apply now and play a key role in shaping and highlighting the organization’s decade-long success!

About the Internship

Developing Content and PR Strategy for GRAAM through Newsletters, Annual Report, Corporate Video & 10 Year Success Compendiums.

Minimum Qualification

  • Postgraduate degree in Journalism/ Media/ Public Policy/ Social Work.
  • Proficiency in content writing/ graphic designing Professional video editing skills
  • Preference will be given to candidates showcasing a portfolio of work, with a background in the development sector and prior experience in policy communications.

Expected Output:

  • Develop engaging content for GRAAM newsletters, annual report, and the 10-year compendium.
  • Outline the narrative, ensuring a coherent and compelling storytelling approach.
  • Utilize graphic designing & video editing tools to craft visually stunning and informative
    Organization Corporate Video.

Expected Start Date:

  • Immediate

Internship Period:

  • Two Months

How to Apply?

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