Applications are invited from eligible candidates for the NTPC Startup Grand Challenge.

About NTPC Startup Grand Challenge

NTPC Ltd., in partnership with Startup India and India Investment Grid (IIG), is launching the ‘NTPC Startup Grand Challenge’, to identify and support innovations and startups working in the fields of water conservation, biomass and clean/alternative energy utilising AI/IoT.

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Program Details

  • For Problem Statements 1 & 2: Late-Stage Startups (Early traction, Scaling and Growth stages)
  • For Problem Statement 3: Early Stage Startups (Validation stage)

For all three Problem Statements: Should be Indian entity registered under the Companies Act of India.

Themes of Challenge

  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Conservation
  • Waste Management
  • Clean/Green Technology

Problem Statement

1 – Innovative ideas on water conservation in Cooling Tower for reducing water footprint

NTPC aims at reducing water footprints in the following areas:

  • Harvesting water from the evaporative cooling tower exhaust plume
    • Recycling water by employing innovative technologies
    • Creating a value-added product/by-product in tandem with allied systems/technologies/Renewable Energy sources
  • Optimization of evaporation loss from cooling tower

2 – Innovative Solutions to Separate water and bottom ash inside the plant premise in techno commercial way

NTPC, with the help of the startups, aims to separate water and bottom ash inside the plant premise in a techno-commercial way. 

(Quantity to be treated is approximately 1100 M3 bottom ash slurry within 1 hr for every 4 hrs time (twice in one shift of 8 hrs) and separated water should have TSS< 100 PPM)

3 – Creation of Digital Biomass Market

NTPC aims to develop a digital market platform with startups for Agro Residue, Biomass, or other related products for this emerging business opportunity.

Any startup/ existing entrepreneur working in this field can develop a digital platform connecting all stakeholders solving issues of Supply Chain and logistics and creating an all winning situation for stakeholders.

Apart from the supply of Biomass Pellets for Thermal Power Stations, platform can be extended to other Industry users such as Bio-Refineries, Paper Industry among others.


Incentives for Problem Statement 1 & 2:

  • Pilot project opportunity in NTPC​
  • Pilot Project shall be funded by NTPC depending upon technical & economic viability

Incentives for Problem Statement 3:

  • Mentorship & Intellectual Support to develop the model​ and portal
  • Engagement with National Mission​ on use of Biomass in Thermal Power Plants
  • Exploration of funding opportunities

How to Apply?

Interested applicants can apply for the challenge through this link.

Important Dates

  • 17 DEC, 2021: Application Start Date
  • 17 JAN, 2022: Application End Date
  • 31 JAN, 2022: Application Result Date


Click here to view the official notification for the NTPC Startup Grand Challenge.

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