Are you aspiring to gain research exposure in the UK? The Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 offers a remarkable chance to turn your dreams into reality. In a time of economic challenges when international research expenses can be daunting, this fellowship provides an exceptional opportunity. It invites individuals from diverse backgrounds and career paths to contribute their ideas, fostering change both in the UK and globally. Undertaking research under esteemed standards will enhance your professional journey, propelling you toward a rewarding research career.

This opportunity extends across various disciplines, presenting key research areas within the University. If you hold a Ph.D., seize this remarkable career path to further your research pursuits. The program accommodates early researchers with personal commitments, offering part-time options. It aims to equip participants with modern research techniques, relevant tools, and exposure to a competitive research landscape. Expert guidance will empower individuals to devise progressive solutions for global challenges in their respective fields.

The Nottingham Research and Anne McLaren Fellowships embrace a non-discriminatory ethos. This initiative fosters a community of brilliant minds within the UK. Successful candidates may secure permanent academic positions based on performance during the tenure. Evaluation criteria encompass work quality, potential, career trajectory, and a history of impeccable research. Those with national and international recognition, distinguished honors, high-quality publications, leadership qualities, and a commitment to catalyzing positive change should not miss this opportunity. Apply now and shape your future!

About the Opportunity

The University of Nottingham, UK, is offering a fully-funded research fellowship in 2024. Committed to borderless education, the university attracts ambitious and creative individuals, aiming to make a difference worldwide. With captivating campuses, the institution encourages collaborative learning and research, addressing societal challenges to enhance lives.

Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 in UK:

  • Host Country: United Kingdom
  • Host University:The University of Nottingham
  • Degree Level:PhD Program

Benefits of the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program in UK 2024:

  • Advance your research journey
  • Enhance your professional profile
  • Three years of independent research funding: £43,155 to £54,421
  • Opportunity for an academic post based on performance
  • Research expenses funding: Euro 75,000
  • Childcare support up to Euro 15,000
  • Access to mentoring, networking, and career development

Eligibility Criteria of the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 in UK:

  • Hold a PhD degree or equivalent
  • Open to all disciplines across the university
  • Maximum of 8 years of post-doctoral working experience
  • Demonstrated outstanding research track record
  • High-quality publications, research funding, and awards
  • National and international recognition
  • Leadership skills and ambassadorial qualities

Application Process for the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program 2024 in the UK:

  • CLICK HERE to Apply online via the official website.
  • Identify the host school and align your research proposal with their strategic areas
  • Fill the application form through the “apply now” link
  • Submit your CV and research proposal

Application Deadline:

  • Application closes on Friday, 6th October 2023.

Don’t miss the chance to propel your research career with the Nottingham Research Fellowship Program!