About the Organisation

Ashvattha Learning Communities aims to nurture compassionate and courageous educators by creating learning communities and holistic experiences rooted in reflective practice.Supported by RDNC Mittal Foundation

About the Job Opportunity

As education and schools shift online, so should teacher education, and Ashvattha Learning Communities aims to be a trailblazer in this field. 

We want to curate, create and communicate content based on scientific research and contextualized to the needs of our Indian education system. Through a variety of training content and classroom resources, we aim to enable educators to build effective and safe classrooms. And we hope to build feedback loops that add to the knowledge systems on teacher education in India. 

To make this happen, we are hiring for two positions. We are looking for people who enjoy creating something from scratch and taking initiative – first, a product builder who is passionate about both technology and education, and second, a community builder who loves to bring people together and build communities.

Position: Product Builder 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Gather digital platform requirements from curriculum and program team for present and future
  • Build a road map to translate these requirements into products – present and future
  • Support curriculum and program team in creating content effective for online platforms
    • Empathise with stakeholder needs to create a relevant and effective solution
  • Translate these requirements into features on the platform – existing solutions vs. potential solutions 
  • Identify best suited solutions from existing platforms by conducting an end-to-end feasibility check
  • Support curriculum and program team with user needs and technical viability 
  • Embed best practices for online learning in organizational processes


  • Tech and education enthusiast
  • Can empathize with diverse groups
  • Ability to work across teams and build consensus
  • Lots of openness and willingness to learn, and stretch
  • Previous experience of product design will be a plus
  • Coding and web development skills, a big plus
  • No mandatory degree requirement

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Position: Community Builder

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Build strategy for virtual presence and identify target group appropriate digital media platforms
  • Work with product building team to onboard desired target group on various digital products
  • Design and execute social media campaigns to build teacher community
  • Design and coordinate social media outreach for online offerings
  • Onboard an advisory group of expert teachers 
  • Onboard mentor teachers to support pre-service teachers 
  • Create processes for incorporating teacher voice and expertise in our offerings
  • Capture teacher stories of excellence, resilience and innovation


  • Excellent storytelling skills
  • Social media savvy
  • Strong English and Hindi communication
  • Able to conceptualize and execute web presence strategy
  • Previous experience of digital media management will be a plus
  • No mandatory degree requirement


  • While Ashvattha is based out of Jaipur, these positions are remote, with a tentative shift to Jaipur in 2022. 


  • These are beginner roles with compensation ranging between INR 3-4 lacs per annum, with potential for steep growth.

How to Apply

  • Interested candidates can apply for the positions, by Clicking HERE
  • Reach [email protected] for any queries.
  • For Official Notification, Click HERE

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