About TVS-Srinivasan Services Trust

The social arm of TVS Motor Company and Sundaram Clayton. They work with communities and governments to empower India’s rural poor through awareness, skills and training programs.

Job Description

  • Position Title: Community Development Officer (CDO)
  • Location: Tamil Nadu – Multiple locations
  • Position reporting to: Field director / Cluster Head

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Job Purpose

  • Lead a team consisting of VDOs & coordinate with other stakeholders to bring about transformation in attitude of rural communities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate village development activities
  • Engage women in Income Generation Programs
  • Facilitate schemes and programs for agriculture yield enhancement along with Govt centres
  • Support families to adopt systematic livestock management practices
  • Support youth towards employment
  • Facilitate health service access within villages along with Govt health centres
  • Facilitate sanitation scheme in villages
  • Create an environment for social harmony
  • Improve, guide and mentor team members

Job Requirements

  • Qualifications & experience: MSW or PG in social work / sociology / anthropology with 2-8 years of experience in community development
  • Functional Competencies: Community needs assessment, Livelihoods, Village ecosystem
  • Behavioral Competencies: Communication skills, Collaboration & networking, Learning orientation, Rigor in execution, Analyzing
  • Note: The person has to stay in village or nearby towns of our cluster and should be willing to work in villages.

How to Apply

Looking for similar opportunities, join Opportunity Cell on WhatsApp or Telegram here.