File India LL.P is inviting applications from students to work as interns for 3 months at their office in Odisha.

About the Organization

File India LL.P is a firm, working mostly in Litigation matters and also in ancillary to Litigation matters. The office works mostly on Civil and Property disputes and corporate matters concerning monetary and contractual issues. 

About the Opportunity

They are open for interns who have a sincere interest in pursuing themselves as Litigation Lawyers. They also offer PPO (Pre-Placement Offers). They also pay our interns, if we find them to be sincere in their pursuit of litigation. Candidates are requested to NOT call us and ask us for how much stipend we offer. 

Number of Vacancies

They are open for 3 interns every month to start from the 1st of every month or from the 15th of every month. 

Mode of Internship

They only entertain in-person (offline) mode of internships and not any sort of (online) internship

Roles and Responsibilities of the Intern

The intern must be punctual, must have basic linguistic proficiency to draft, must be expressive, ready to research and to attend Courts every day. 

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Students from 2nd year on-wards for their internships. 


  • They are open to paying stipends depending upon the effort and sincerity an intern puts in.

How to Apply?

  • Application is made purely through e-mail to [email protected], please do not forget to mention the date for the period of internship, one seeks.

Application Deadline

  • They are open for the month of October, November, and December. The application must be made to us 10 days in priority to the time to which one seeks internships.
  • However, we reserve the right to select or discard the application of any intern arbitrarily. 


  • Rourkela office in Odisha is located on the Ground Floor, LL/2, Manika Tower, Civil Township, 769004

Contact Details

In case of queries, please contact:

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