About Sh.Rammohan Naidu

Rammohan Naidu K is a 2-time MP from the Srikakulam constituency and a rising Telugu Desam leader in North Andhra. He was one of India’s youngest MPs in the 16th Lok Sabha(2014-19). One of Andhra’s best-performing Parliamentarians in 2019-20, he was among the 10 MPs recognized for exceptional performance by Sansad Ratna Awards 2020.

His constituency,Srikakulam is a highly rural district and is characterized by high outmigration, largely agrarian economy, and a low per capita income. It has the 2nd longest coastline in South India.

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About the Role

In his vision to develop Srikakulam and transform the politics of his region, Rammohan Naidu is looking for two associates to work on developmental and political aspects of his constituency. They will be based in the Srikakulam town, working at his office. They’re expected to assist him significantly in shaping his ideas and policy positions, engagements with administrative bodies and civil organizations, and his political career with respect to his Party and his constituents.

Responsibilities for Policy Associate:

  1. Follow current affairs at state, national and international levels. Discuss with the MP; collaborate on writing articles pushing his and Party opinion in newspapers and web media.
  2. Following from the above, build links with editors of print and electronic media in order to put forward well-argued and informative articles on politics and policy.
  3. Reading reports on various topics released by think-tanks, government bodies, and civil society organizations. Keeping the MP up to date with latest findings and ideas being discussed in policy circles.
  4. Following from the above, work on private member bills, questions, and debates for the MP to push these progressive ideas and policy positions in Lok Sabha.
  5. Coordinate with prominent think-tanks and organizations for the MP to participate in their sessions and webinars. This is to ensure a productive exchange of ideas and experiences between the MP and the organizations.
  6. Letters to state and Central Ministers and prominent individuals on urgent issues, scheme implementation, and on problems and demands specific to Srikakulam.
  7. Coordinate the social media handles of the MP along with the Political Associate.
  8. Field visits at-least once a week to acquaint oneself with local problems and prospects that need policy or administrative interventions or to be raised in LS.
  9. Link up with local organizations, colleges and schools to implement specific programs championed by the MP for various purposes. For ex, cleanliness drives, policy & political workshops, intern programs.

Responsibilities for Campaign & Politics Associate

  1. Ideating and organizing local and regional campaigns centred around an issue that the MP can take up strongly. For example, Waltair Railway Zone, Fishing Harbour, BRGF funds, additional trains stopping at Srikakulam.
  2. Daily reading of newspapers (Telugu and English) to keep the MP updated with issues.
  3. Frequent field visits to gather first hand info on these and other problems as directed by him.
  4. Following from the above, identifying important matters to be solved locally.
  5. Organizing the MP’s visits to important villages that might not have a strong Party base or require a revival or have burning issues that the MP must acknowledge and act upon.
  6. Update a database of the MP’s MPLADS works and map this with electoral data of every village and mandal. Find patterns and determine which places need more focused attention from the MP through better implementation of schemes or funds or visits.
  7. Identifying important local heroes and brilliant individuals (for ex, a high-performing student, a prominent activist, an award-winning teacher or professional, etc) in Srikakulam for the MP to meet and take inputs from them.
  8. Running social media handles along with the Policy Associate, responding to urgent matters brought to our notice through the MP’s social media handles.
  9. In collaboration with the Policy Associate, work on new ideas and pilot projects that can be implemented by the MP to serve as models for the rest of the district and state.
  10. Special focus on improving the villages adopted by the MP; work on identifying new villages that can be adopted or intervened actively through the MP’s office.

What to Expect?

  1. The Associates will be in daily touch with the MP and will be expected to shape his policy/political positions in line with local demands and progressive ideas.
  2. An opportunity to work with a rising leader, to interact with party leaders at local and state level, and an exposure to how the Parliament works and how an Opposition party works.
  3. Salary as per market standards and based on prior work experience.
  4. Accommodation and food will be provided for. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.
  5. Work schedules will be flexible. We expect candidates to work long hours in weeks when he participates in Party events, Campaigns, Parliamentary sessions, and Committee meetings.


  1. Bachelors or equivalent level of education (such as CA, diploma or polytechnic).Individuals with humanities and social sciences background preferred but not compulsory.
  2. Candidates able to demonstrate their passion for policy work and politics or campaigns are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in related fields is highly welcome.
  3. This will NOT be an easy experience, as the candidates will be working in a largely rural constituency with low per capita income and low state capacity.
  4. We expect candidates to be self-sufficient and self-motivated, with the ability to build networks independently, and be ready to handle tough conditions in terms of work and field visits.
  5. This is a socio-political space and a spirit of willingness to learn and unlearn is expected.
  6. We expect hardy individuals who want to explore what goes into policy-making and politics from a grassroots perspective.
  7. Proficiency in Telugu is NOT a prerequisite for the position of Policy Associate but we expect candidates to be willing to gain a working knowledge with time.

How to Apply

  • To Apply for the Position, Click Here
  • For the Official Job Description, Click Here
  • Last Date to Apply is 30th November 2020.

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