About Cognizant:

Cognizant, a global leader in technology and consulting services, is committed to driving digital transformation and delivering impactful solutions that empower businesses and organizations across industries. With a profound dedication to innovation, Cognizant empowers clients to seize new opportunities, enhance customer experiences, and achieve sustainable growth in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


Test Requirement Analysis:

  • Identify requirement defects through advanced techniques like Requirement Ambiguity Matrix, ADPART, and other solution accelerators.
  • Conduct Knowledge Transfer (KT) on user stories.
  • Estimate time and effort based on thorough requirements analysis.
  • Collaborate with the development team for critical technologies, creating and reviewing test scripts.
  • Prioritize requirements and prepare high-level flow documents.
  • Organize and lead requirement walkthrough sessions.
  • Seek clarity on requirements from clients and prepare/review flow diagrams.
  • Conduct Proof of Concepts and tool evaluations when necessary.

Test Strategy and Test Planning:

  • Document test plans based on an understanding of the test strategy.
  • Gain client signoff on the test plan.
  • Provide inputs for test plan creation, including the estimation of test scenarios and test cases.
  • Participate in sprint goal definition sessions.
  • Collaborate with onsite and offshore teams in project status discussions.

Test Design Techniques:

  • Identify test scenarios based on systems, interfaces, and applications.
  • Recognize end-to-end business-critical scenarios.
  • Assist development in unit test automation and environment considerations.
  • Create, review, and validate test scenarios.
  • Perform in-sprint automation and maintain automation scripts.
  • Share test scripts with the test lead for review.
  • Conduct pilot automation tests and validate the test environment setup.

Coding Practices & Defect Management:

  • Estimate and commit task-level effort and meet deadlines.
  • Engage in technical communication, architectural reviews, and development process enhancement.
  • Participate in defect triage and track defect metrics.
  • Collaborate with development teams for seamless project execution.

Test Execution (Automation/Specialized Testing):

  • Execute tests, analyze defects, and conduct root cause analysis.
  • Conduct dry run and smoke testing for script readiness.
  • Perform high-level/sanity testing to ensure robustness.
  • Develop and maintain automated test scripts.
  • Incorporate automated tests into the continuous integration process.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to make go/no-go decisions based on test results.
  • Monitor and optimize continuous integration setups.

Technology Consulting & Research:

  • Support faster timetomarket activities.
  • Adopt best practices for efficiency.
  • Conduct feasibility studies for new technologies/frameworks.
  • Analyze code coverage for optimization.

People Management:

  • Develop positive relationships with peers.
  • Identify training needs and groom high performers.
  • Resolve conflicts and grievances.

Knowledge & Innovation Management:

  • Create a knowledge base for test automation processes.
  • Upload relevant documents to knowledge management portals.
  • Innovate and improve existing processes.
  • Foster an innovative culture within the team.

Project, Configuration & Release Management:

  • Understand software configuration management principles.
  • Utilize software configuration management tools.
  • Adhere to customer standards, policies, and governance practices.
  • Manage projects, plan, identify dependencies, and track metrics.

Must-Have Skills:

  • Selenium
  • Warehouse Management Systems – Retail
  • Outbound Logistics – Retail
  • Inventory Management – Warehouse Management
  • Inbound Logistics – Retail

Good to Have Skills:

  • WMOS – Supply Chain Intelligence
  • WMOS – Manhattan Integration FW
  • WMOS – Distribution

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