Swaniti Initiative is hiring 6 associates who would be working with selected MPs on their ‘model village’ program as strong program managers

About Swaniti Initiative:

Swaniti Initiative is a non-partisan, social enterprise that delivers development solutions to policymakers and representatives. We works with State Governments and Parliamentarians across 17 states. Swaniti works on climate and sustainability, social protection, rural livelihood & governance, and policy-making. We work through a three- pronged approach: provide research support on key government programs and initiatives, on- ground implementation insights for the delivery of public service, and technological intervention to improve service delivery.

About the role:

Working with Parliamentarians is a critical part of our work since we believe that the developmental works at a constituency level can have a transformative impact. We are looking for professionals who are passionate about such an impact on grassroots communities through their joint efforts with the Parliamentarians. The role requires the individual to be self- driven, and an exceptional project manager with emotional intelligence and attention to detail.

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Nature of the position:

  • Mid Level

Details of the role:

  • Their role would consist of finding partners, raising funds and implementing initiatives on ground.
  • While the Swaniti HQ team will be providing the requisite support to help shape this process, the Associate will have to be driven to identify programs and design them.
  • Their ability to follow through select programs will be key to their success.
  • The most distinctive component of the role is that the activities of the Associate will be recorded throughout their tenure on the job. 
  • Thus it is essential that the positioned individual is willing to be recorded on camera while also sharing their own insights about their experience in interviews or video clips. 
  • This video content will be made available to the public for their knowledge and awareness about the background of the policy making process.
  • The individuals being captured in the video thus need to be comfortable coming on camera.

Criteria for Evaluation

  • The key criteria for evaluation of the role will be:
    • Project management skills which includes ability to identify high impact projects, develop proposals for fundraising, identifying partners to execute programs and follow through to achieve a measurable impact.
    • Experience of being self-driven and motivated to create social impact.
    • Past experience in leadership roles
    • Strong communication skills, particularly while being in front of cameras and communicating through videos.
    • Experience of working with senior government administration (preferred).This is a flagship project of Swaniti Initiative.

How to Apply

  • All candidates interested in applying must submit a 2-3 minutes video consisting of:
    • Why are you fit for this role?
    • What past experiences do you bring to the program?
    • What do you hope to achieve during your tenure?
    • Please ensure that the video has no background noise and the lighting is proper. Please don’t use any editing software or any music background.

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