About the Organization:

4e Global, the parent organisation of Opportunity Cell stands for [Education, Employment , Entrepreneurship , and Empowerment ] aims to educate, employ, empower the next generation of leaders through educational opportunities, entrepreneurial activities and training. Currently working with 7 State Government’s and across 113 districts of India through 4 different programs. To read more, click here

About the Positions:

  • Associate-Founder Office (01)- Remote (Occasionally travel to Delhi/ and any of the 7 State HQs where we are operating )
  • Associate-Partnerships (01)- New Delhi
  • Associate-Govt. Programs (07)- State HQs (Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Bhopal, Bangalore, Shimla, Hyderabad, and Leh)

Salary Structure- Associates:

Pay HeadsMonthly RemunerationYearly Remuneration
Fixed PayRs.40,000 per month ~ 4.8 Lakh
Profit Sharing10% of the Profits will be disbursed among all team members as Bonus.
Individual Bonus Amount depends upon the timeliness and the quality of
your work. 
Min:1 Lakh
High.:2.4Lakh (On 2021)
Perks and BenefitsFitness Membership, Internet Connection, Investment Premium Memberships, Spa,Financial Aid on
pursuing courses etc.
~1 Lakh
CTC:58,333/per month to 68,3333/per month7 Lakhs Per Annum to
8.2 Lakhs Per Annum

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Perks and Benefits:

BenefitsExpected Amount
(in INR)
Brief Details
Gym/Yoga/Dance or any
Fitness related
12,000 p.a. You can join take any membership which will
improve your health and
Spotify/YT/Apple Music
3,000 p.a. You can avail 1 or 2 Memebership of your choice of max.3,000 INR.
15,000 p.a.You can opt for Highspeed Broadband Connection or Post-paid connection
of any telecom operator 
Financial Aid on Skill-
Based Courses/Pursuing
25,000 p.a.You can pursue any courses of your choice it can be anything-skill based/
related to your hobbies
Health Insurance10,000 p.a.You can take any health inusrance of your choice and we will reimburse the amount upto 10K/p.a.
Premium Small-cases subscriptions12,000 p.a.Membership of any of these-Capitalmind/Weekend Investing/Windmill
Therapy Sessions or Spa18,000 p.a.1 Session Per Month.Assuming 1 session@1500
Total~1,00,000 Per Year /
8334 per month

Responsibilities of Associate-Founder Office:

  • Work directly with the Leadership team to solve key product problems and develop new revenue channels.
  • Collaborate , Coordinate with State Teams, Field Staffs, and the Founder Office.
  • Conduct customer development conversations, carry out market and industry research, and iterate on product-value propositions with live customers to arrive at product-market fit.
  • Build and establish powerful business and data partnerships that can drive the growth of our products.
  • Build a partner ecosystem that can help us in shaping our product roadmap and unlocking growth opportunities.
  • Bring together our existing product offerings and design new ones to drive key business metrics for the company.
  • Research, model, evaluate, and plan go-to-market strategies.
  • Work closely across multiple functions (product, growth, sales, and engineering) to optimize and execute strategic partnerships.
  • Develop and build relationships across the data ecosystem to further help us strengthen our business.

What You Need to Bring for the Role-Associate(Founder Office):

  • You are an entrepreneur at heart, i.e you are not only excited about startups but also really understand what it is like to work in one.
  • You do not wait for instructions and guidelines but believe in taking end-to-end ownership of things.
  • A keen interest in learning about business.
  • Excited to learn new things and do not shy away from going above and beyond the traditional growth paths. You have strong communication skills.
  • You can quickly adapt to the changing environment and are quick to pick up new skills if required to get the job done.
  • Prior experience in relevant domain will be preferred.

Leaves and Holidays:

Types of
Menstrual Leave (ML) for Female Employees1 Day in a month + 2 days remote work optionNo Questions Asked
Leave and Remote Work Approval
Vacation Leave (VL) SUMMER (May/June/July) 7 Days. TnC: Has to be claimed 7 days in one go.Requires Prior Intimation of minimum 15-30days.
Vacation Leave (VL) WINTER (Nov/Dec/Jan)7 Days. TnC: Has to be claimed 7 days in one go.Requires Prior Intimation of minimum 15-30 days.
Casual Leaves (CL)10 days in a year.Can be carry forwarded upto 2 consective years,
Special Cases: Marriage
Leave/Exam Leave/etc.
5 Days and option of 1/2 day leaves.Optional. 
Sick Leave (SL)7 Days in a year.No Questions Asked Leave Approval
Maternity Leave (ML) for Female Employees26 Weeks if you have worked for at least 80 days in the 12 months Optional. Upto first 2 children.
Paternity Leave (PaL) for Male Employeesupto 2 Weeks if you have worked for at least 80 days in the 12 months 
Bereavement Leave (BL)1 day in a year.No Questions Asked Leave Approval
Compensatory Off (comp-off)If an employee has to work on a weekend or a holiday due to the priority of the deliverables, they are offered a compensatory off on any other workday.Claim it within 4 to 8 weeks.
No Pay LeaveCase to Case Basis. Max 3 Months.

Application Process and Timeline

Application Open17th Sept. 2022
Applications Close24th Sept. 2022
Business Case Study Assignment
(for shortlisted candidates)
25th to 27th Sept. 2022
Interview with Manager– 45 min long
discussion to know you better,
followed by a case interview)
28th-29th Sept. 2022
Interview with Founder/Leadership
60 mins long video interview involved
business case interview followed by an
assessment of organizational fit.
30th Sept-1st Oct 2022

How to Apply

Looking for similar opportunities, join Opportunity Cell on WhatsApp or Telegram here.