About Amazon Future Engineer Program

Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career program aimed at increasing access to computer science education for children and young adults who typically lack these opportunities. Here’s how:

CS in Schools:
We are bringing computer science closer to students studying in government school, who may typically lack these opportunities. We have partnered with Code.org and reputed educational organizations to support more than 900 government schools across seven states.

We are providing scholarship and mentorship to support higher education and career building for meritorious girl students interested to pursue computer sciences careers.

Who can attend?

School students, school teachers from government schools and tech engineering aspirants benefit from computer science exploration and learning activities offered by Amazon Future Engineer India. 

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The elements of the programme target students from disadvantaged backgrounds as follows:

  • CS in Schools program – Through this program, we will primarily target students studying in government schools. Over 50% of students (128 million) in India study in Govt. schools which constitute of 70% of schools in India.
  • Scholarship Program – Targets lower-income meritorious girl students with household incomes less than INR 250,000 per annum.

Computer Science Exploration

An opportunity for students to imagine a career at a place like Amazon! We encourage students to explore the world of computer science and the power of code to make music, program robots and solve real-world problems. Through Class Chats, students can engage with tech professionals and be curious about tech and computing careers. Students get a chance to understand what it’s like to work in the tech industry and what it takes to get there!

Students also get an opportunity to explore the world of Computer Science through activities like the Amazon cyber robotics challenge and Hour of code.

Computer science exploration activities will be offered through grades 3-12.


  • A great 2 in 1 opportunity for girl students interested in computer science careers. Win a scholarship worth Rs. 1,60,000 and get mentored by Amazonians for an exciting tech career. Applications are open. Apply Now.


Email: afe-in[a]amazon.com

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