About Akrity:

Akrity is a dynamic and innovative company located in Bangalore. We are seeking a passionate and motivated Associate to join our Training and Development team. This role is designed for individuals who are enthusiastic about fostering growth and supporting engineers in their professional journey.

About the Position:

  • Role Title: Associate – Training and Development | Entry-Level Position
  • Location: Bangalore (On-Site)
  • Position Seniority: Entry Level (Fresher)

Key Objectives:

  • Scale the Training Process: Tailor our training initiatives to cater to the unique needs of each engineer, ensuring comprehensive skill development.
  • Build Strong Engineer Support: Establish a robust support system that empowers engineers to excel in their roles.
  • Drive Up-Skilling: Promote continuous learning and skill enhancement among engineers through effective training strategies.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Monitor Training Activities: Ensure timely and effective training for engineers, aligning with optimal learning periods.
  • Identify Training Needs: Analyze organizational training requirements and suggest relevant training plans.
  • Boost Performance: Encourage high contributions from engineers, aiding performance improvement.
  • Craft Effective Apprenticeships: Implement a structured training process, selecting suitable candidates and enhancing program efficacy.
  • Foster Skill Development: Prevent skill gaps by proactively supporting engineers’ growth.
  • Innovate Training Methods: Develop engaging and impactful training techniques.
  • Cultivate Learning Culture: Organize engaging events, talks, and activities to foster a culture of excellence and knowledge-sharing.
  • Collaborate with Engineers: Hold regular meetings to address challenges, provide support, and guide skill development.
  • Stay Updated: Research and incorporate industry best practices and training modules into our system.
  • Content Creation: Produce training materials, including videos and documents.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Passion for Development: Enthusiastic about nurturing individual growth and supporting engineers.
  • Empathetic: Naturally attuned to understanding challenges and providing effective support.
  • Community Builder: Skilled at bringing people together, organizing events, and facilitating knowledge-sharing.
  • People-Centric: Thrive in an operational role focused on interpersonal interactions and growth.
  • Basic Tech Knowledge: Familiarity with software development concepts (Training will be provided).
  • Persuasive Communicator: Able to engage and influence others effectively.
  • Process-Oriented: Eager to establish and manage efficient training processes.

Note: This position starts as a 2-3 month internship, with the potential for a full-time role based on performance.

How to Apply?

Join our team at Akrity and contribute to the growth and development of our engineers. Apply now to embark on an exciting journey of fostering excellence and innovation!